Claremont GP

Located conveniently in Draper Square, Claremont, Claremont GP offers a wide range of healthcare and wellness services. Their friendly team is committed to giving you the excellent care you deserve.

The Claremont GP logo isn’t just a picture – it tells a story about what they care about most. The clean design and plus sign symbol create a feeling of trust and knowledge, showing the high quality of care they offer. Plus, the open and welcoming plus sign makes it clear that getting the healthcare you need is easy at Claremont GP.

Look a little closer, and you’ll see even more meaning in the logo. The clever design of a person hidden within the plus sign shows that Claremont GP focuses on you as an individual, treating your unique needs with care. The whole symbol, with its dynamic shape and person outline, suggests movement and energy. This reflects Claremont GP’s commitment to helping you be your healthiest self, not just treating you when you’re sick.

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